Spring 2019

Tiffany & Co.

Founded in 1837, Tiffany is renowned for its luxury goods and is particularly known for its diamond and sterling silver jewelry. Tiffany markets itself as an arbiter of taste and style.


Tiffany & Co. is having a problem with online sales. Their e-commerce is currently at 6%. People do not feel comfortable buying expensive, luxury jewelry online.


Create a new product collection aimed at the millennial target market. Feature Tiffany & Co.’s value of sustainability to entice the target market and increase sales.

UX Research

I did a survey that was completed by 35 people.

Age Range

19 <
20 - 39
40 - 59
< 60

Said YES when asked:

Would you ever buy luxury jewelry Online if it was more than $500?

Said YES when asked:

Did you know that Tiffany & Co. places a lot of importance on sustainability?

Said YES when asked:

If Tiffany & Co. created a new product line made from recycled materials would you be interested?

Survey Tesimonials

“If we can help the environment and create beautiful jewelry out of it why not?"

“I love being able to help the world, and knowing that an object is recycled makes me feel I am doing my part.”

“As long as it wasn’t too expensive I think it's a unique idea that's also serving an important purpose.”

“I’m always willing to support companies when they begin to make strides towards more environmentally friendly products.”

New Target User

From the survey, I learned that the solution wasn't to attract the current customers to online shopping. They are too attached to the in-person experience and are nervous about spending that much money online. The solution was to try and target a new, younger audience and identify common interests to expand on.

Online Shopper
  • Treat themselves for achievements
  • Have a limited budget
  • Follow trends and social issues
  • Most shopping is done Online
New Product Line

From the research, I found that many people choose to align with companies that support sustainability and would be interested in sustainable products. Also, the main pain point for buying luxury jewelry online is the risk involved. So instead of making people more comfortable buying expensive jewelry online, why not give them a different option that's unique and gives back.

The Blue Promise

A new product line made out of recycled and repurposed materials that is sold entirely online for under $300. It also doubles as a program for customers to get involved.


The user can make an account and has the option to send a donation pack to their address.


The donation pack can be filled with old or broken jewelry and sent back.


The jewelry is inspected and recycled into new unique pieces.


The jewelry is then added to the online shop and is available for purchase.

Give Back

The user can choose an organization to give back 15% of every purchase.