Fall 2018

Metro Movement

MetroMovement is a non-profit organization with the mission to continue to improve big cities. The goal is to make big cities feel like a safe and comfortable environment for citizens and visitors. If you don't feel safe walking in your city, something's wrong.


Cities can be overwhelming to navigate for both visitors and citizens, everything seems to be traveling in light speed. How can you make a city seem less daunting and more walkable?


Introduced a new mobile application that is personable. The app can help lead you through the city and find new and exciting neighborhoods to explore.


I interviewed two people that live in Seattle, WA to get a better understanding of what their day to day life is like and what struggles come with living in the city. I gathered some statements that helped me identify the problem.

“My favorite part of Seattle is all the surrounding neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is different and has a specific vibe and feel to it depending on what the neighborhood is.”

“We can appreciate having walking destinations. So in Seattle there is a lot of neighborhoods that have gathering areas. They have cafes, they have shops, bars, restaurants”

“You can go around, weekend after weekend to check out all these neighborhoods where they're tucked away, and you can have different experiences based on that”

“You have so many options for things to do in Seattle. You can decide where you want to go and what you want to do base off of what vibe you're in.”


Cora Knight

Moved to Seattle 4 months ago and is still very new to the city. She has been exploring her neighborhood, but hasn't branched out much. She loves to try new things and discover new places, but is nervous about leaving her safety net to see more of the city.


Cora wants something to help her build confidence in her new city and show her all the amazing spots Seattle has to offer. She wants to feel comfortable in her new home.

Getting Started

Once Cora has the mobile application she is prompted to pick if she is a citizen or a visitor and from there is taken into the application. Since she's so excited to get started she skips the Fun Facts. Note the copywriting, the entire app has personable and friendly style to make the user feel comfortable and engaged.

Discovering a New Neighborhood

Cora starts learning more about Capital Hill, a neighborhood she has been eager to visit. She sees the recommenced places and looks into Cook Weaver, which is a hidden gem restaurant.

Fun Facts

Cora then looks into the fun facts about Capital Hill. She can click between the three random facts and learn more about her city.

Using the Map

After learning some facts, Cora starts looking into the area more and opens the mobile application. She then selects one of the Live City Cameras. Live City is a program that installs cameras and sensors to monitor certain areas in a neighborhood.

Other Neighborhoods

Cora now feels confident about exploring Capital Hill, but she is still interested in other neighborhoods. She goes to look at the Hoods list to see what other neighborhoods she can discover.