Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Hope House

For almost 19 years, Hope House has provided limited medical care to adults who lack insurance. They provide basic medical care, lab testing, Medicaid application assistance, x-rays, spiritual support, mental health counseling, and referrals for dental exams and eye exams.


The existing Design Project Center client needed additional graphics to help entice donors and volunteers. The also needed maintenance on the rest of the branding.


Introduced new printed graphics targeting donors and volunteers. Helped them improve their social media presence.

Existing Branding

I designed touchpoints to build on the existing brand that was developed in 2018.

Donor Mailer


The newsletter is a part of a mailer sent to donors and members of the community. It shares the clinic's accomplishments from the past year and to seek donations. I also created a template for the clinic to use for future issues.

Party Invite/RSVP

Hope House is hosting a celebration for donors, volunteers and patients in May. The Invite/RSVP is designed to fit in a #10 envelope so it could be sent with the newsletter. It features a cut off RSVP post card to send back to the clinic.

Donor and Volunteer Brochure

There is currently a patient focused brochure, but there was a need for a volunteer and donor focused brochure as well. It will be used as a handout at presentations and distributed to the community.

Social Media Kit

The clinic had a facebook page set up but no graphics to use for posts. I designed a kit focusing on volunteer's stories, donations and what the clinic provides for their patients.

Admin Website Additions

Our People

I designed and developed two private pages for Hope House. One is a Volunteer and Employee contact page. This will allow for better communication throughout the clinic. The page is easy to update in Wordpress. View Page.

Our Brand

The other private page is a brand page. It will have all the assets that were developed over the life of the project, they will be downloadable. These will include: colors, logos, photography, templates, social media graphics, print ready files and the brand manual. View Page.