Spring 2019

Green Coin

The only cryptocurrency wallet that will reward users for helping their community and the environment through group and individual involvement. Invest your time, not your money.


GreenCoin has a great business model in place, but they are failing to engage with their users. Their visual identity is not enticing and is potentially turning people away. There are also usability issues with their website as it isn't responsive.


The company is trying to do too much, they need to narrow their focus to the users and their needs. The business model of investing your time and being rewarded makes cryptocurrency seem less daunting, but now we need to correlate the visual identity with the values of the company to increase user engagement.


Brand Audit

The current brand system is too busy. Ever Green Coin is too long of a name.

Website Audit

The website is extremely busy and confusing for a user. The site isn’t very responsive, not a pleasant mobile screen experience.

Target Audience

The Community Girl

She is eager to be involved with her community and is environmentally conscious. She also likes to try new things, especially tech, but has never used cryptocurrency.


“I want to find new opportunities to improve the environment and the world. I also want to become more involved with my community.”

New Design System

GreenCoin needed a new design system that would be engaging for the users.

Word Mark

The wordmark is typeset and uses two tones. We brought in the circuit element in the wordmark to connect the brand back to its tech nature.

Logo Mark

The logo mark is a combination of the letter 'G' for green and 'C' for coin. We use the circuits to divide where the 'C' and 'G' end and begin.


By breaking down elements from the wordmark and logomark we were able to design a pattern that is used throughout the design system.


We used muted greens to promote a stress free cryptocurrency experience. They also connect to nature. The yellow is a pop of color and represents the value of money.


We created custom icons for the design identity. We kept the curved line from the typeface and brought in the circuit element as a frame for the icon.


Social Media

While on Instagram, Lizzie could see an add for GreenCoin that would link her to more information on the website.

Learn More


She can access the website to view more information on GreenCoin. She can learn about the app and download it.

Getting Started


Lizzie can download the app from the website and create a profile.

Starter Pack

After her profile is made, she would then be sent a starter package.

Staying Involved

Activity Page

With the application, Lizzie can stay involved with programs and events put on by her community to earn rewards.

Get Rewarded

Wallet Page

Lizzie can track her rewards in the wallet. She can also send and buy GreenCoin.

Spend Rewards

Market Page

Once Lizzie receives rewards she can purchase apparel, goods or make donations to causes in the market.